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Festival Policies, Procedures
and Vendor Guidelines:

1. Vendors agree that by signing a vendor application they are required to abide by all outlined policies,
procedures and guidelines. If vendors have any questions, they can contact the Festival Chairperson, Ray
Hinnant at 252 315-8118
or Vendor Chairperson, Sheryletta Lacewell at 252 237-1221. (ask to speak to her)

2. The rain date for the Festival will be June, 22, 2024. Mt. Hebron will NOT refund any fees/expenses in
the event of adverse weather. All approved vendors are expected to participate on the rain date.

3. Vendor booth spaces for merchandise, food and exhibitors are 10 ft by 12 ft. Tents may only be 10 ft x 10
ft. This allows for 2 feet of space between vendors displays.

4. All tents must be weighed down at each corner and made of fire-retardant materials. Only tent weights
may be used. Ground tie downs and stakes are not allowed.  The American Tent manufacturers
recommends 40 lbs at each tent leg for a 10’ x 10’ tent. 

5. All vendor equipment, displays, stands, tents, tent weights, tables, chairs, and supplies must be provided
by the vendor
and contained within the booth space. Spaces are limited and available on a first-come, first-
served basis. Note: tables and chairs are not provided.

6. All fees are non-refundable and due by Friday, May 24, 2024. If booth spaces are available after the
deadline, additional vendors will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Should a vendor be accepted
after the deadline, a $25 late fee will be added to the booth fees.

7. Vendors are NOT to give or share their booth space with another vendor - FOR ANY REASON. Each
vendor must submit their own Juneteenth Festival application and be accepted by the organizers.

8. Vendors understand and agree that they are fully responsible for all taxes, licenses, permits, etc…
including sales taxes on items sold.

9. The sale of the following items are prohibited by vendors, as the Mt Hebron Lodge will sell them to
support the costs of the festival: Juneteenth t-shirts, turkey legs, and fish sandwiches
Any vendor selling other Juneteenth themed items must be reviewed and approved for participation.

10. Booth set up begins at 8:30 AM. No vendor will be permitted to set up prior to this time. Booths must be
set up and ready for business by 11:00 AM. Break down does not begin until 8:05 PM. Vendors may NOT
break down early. Doing so will prevent you from participating in future Juneteenth Festivals.
Clean up
and breakdown must be complete by 9:15 PM. Booth vending time will be from 11:00 AM –8:00 PM.
Vendors that do not arrive to set up during the designated time slot will forfeit their vendor spot and all
payments to such. VENDORS that do not show up, with no contact, will result in vendor
fees being doubled, if approved to return to the Festival in the future.

11. All food vendors must present a Certificate of Liability Insurance to Festival organizers.

12. The Wilson County Health Department – Environmental Health Division requires all food vendors to
complete a Temporary Food Event Coordinators Application. In addition, they must pay the fee fifteen (15)
the event, to the Wilson County Health Department. All permitted food trucks should first
call Environmental Health. Other food vendors can obtain an application by calling: 252-237-3141 or
online at

13. Vendors must comply with all laws, ordinances, orders, decrees, rules and regulations of any lawful
authority, agency or government unit which apply to the use of their vending during the festival. All vendors
agree to indemnify and hold harmless the organizers, its officers, directors, representatives, employees,
agents, volunteers and sponsors from any penalties, fines, costs, expenses or damages.

14. Vendors assume all responsibilities for any loss, damage, claim or other injury to the vendor, his or her
employees, agents or representatives, or to any property or goods of the same, whether caused by fire,
theft, Act of God, accident or any cause whatsoever, for the period his or her property or goods occupy the
site and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Mount Hebron Lodge #42, the City of Wilson and their
employees, agents, and representatives from any and all such loss, damages, injury or other expenses
related thereto.

15. Vendors must restore the booth space to its original condition. All waste materials such as cooking oils.
waste water, trash and boxes must be broken down and cleaned up. All trash must be placed in garbage
and recycling receptacles. All waste and/or grey water must be disposed properly according to City
ordinances, storm drains and surrounding area, may not be used for disposal.

16. All vendor literature distributed or provided must be INCLUSIVE and support the fundamentals of the
Masonic Lodge and the Juneteenth Festival. The festival planners reserve the right to remove any
materials deemed in-appropriate.

17. All vendors, performances, entertainment, participants and activities require approval prior to the festival.
The festival planners reserve the right to remove, end or stop any vendors, activities and performances for
just cause. Planners may also adjust, add or substitute activities, vendors, performers, participants and
entertainment as needed.

18. As a vendor of the festival, you are a representative of the Juneteenth Festival and should act as a good
example to the community. PROFANE and/or VULGAR language WILL NOT be tolerated.


Ray Hinnant, Festival Coordinator Chairperson
252 315- 8118,

Sheryletta Lacewell, Festival Vendor Committee Chairperson
252 237-1221,

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