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history of mount hebron

Mount Hebron Masonic Lodge No. 42 is located in Wilson, North Carolina. It is in the 9th District of the Coastal Region

The year 1881, just eleven years after the formation of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina, while meeting in the Annual Grand Session in Goldsboro, N.C., a charter was issued to Mount Hebron Masonic Lodge No. 42 located at Wilson, N.C. This illustrious beginning was under the leadership of G. A. Farmer, Alfred Robinson, L. H. Harris, J. W. Hood and Joseph Hill. Growth was slow, but steady by 1899 thanks to Charlie T. Jones as he paid the Grand Lodge assessments for many and kept Mount Hebron in good standing during the Great Depression.

During the early years of the lodge's existence, the brethren purchased land and built a frame home at Pender and Smith Streets. They occupied this building some 50 years until it deteriorated. They then met upstairs at the old Darden Funeral Home for several years until a new block building was built in 1947. This new building was financed with donations, loans and labor by the brethren. Brother Charlie Jones engineered the project and Brother John Barnes was the chief builder.

In 1960, under the leadership of Milton F. Fitch, Sr., the craft completely remodeled the building. In 1965, Mount Hebron burned the mortgage during the administration of James L. Williams. 
Mount Hebron has received several awards including the Outstanding Achievement Award by the Grand Lodge in 1969 under the leadership of Robert King, and Englan Hines; an Appreciation Award from Philadelphia Lodge No. 74 of the jurisdiction of Pennsylvania; Lodge of the Year Award by the District Deputy for the fiscal year 1996-1997 under the leadership of Ronnie Lucas, and has been on the Grand Lodge Honor Roll several times. 

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